Amazing Mentorship

We are dedicated to providing our students with a personal mentorship experience. Our mentors all have industry experience as data scientists. Depending on your interests and goals, you can customize the curriculum with your mentor to fit your exact needs.

Our staff is dedicated to helping our mentors improve their craft. Each mentor works with a Program Manager to assure all students have a comprehensive experience. Just like our students, our mentors are constantly learning, working on business projects and contributing to open-source libraries.


Ilija Subasic
Senior ML and NLP Engineer
NomNom Insights

Pavitraa Parthasarathy
Associate Data Scientist
The Weather Company

Vikas Ramachandra
Staff Data Scientist
Stanford Graduate School of Business

Max Sop
Lead Data Scientist

Lisa Dawdy-Hesterberg
R&D Data Scientist
Sovrn Holdings

Alan Rozet
CTO / Data Scientist
Pilot Film Analytics

Gunnar Kleemann
Data Scientist
Capital Data

Denis Vrdoljak
Data Scientist
Berkeley Data Science Group

Serena Peruzzo
Data Scientist
Eggbun Education

Andrew Cassidy
Data Scientist

Zack Gow
Data Scientist

Daniel Brady
Data Scientist

Ankur Patel
Data Scientist

Venali Sonone
Machine Leaning Engineer

Louis Gutierrez
Data Scientist