These companies have hired our students or paid for their employees to take our course

Our program is intensive and outcome-oriented.


A robust video-based curriculum complemented with applied assignments and guided projects tackling real business problems.


Direct 1-on-1 mentorship with senior professionals to learn the best practices of industry data science.


Graduate with a portfolio that showcases your newfound skills and experience.


Data Science Bootcamp

With our advanced curriculum and project-based structure, students get to learn today’s cutting edge data science techniques and technologies. The program features a Python-driven curriculum and immerses you in the world of data science and machine learning algorithms.

Data Science Essentials

Start your journey in this pre-requisite beginner's course by going over the fundamentals of data science and exposing you to the breadth of skills and tools in the industry professional's arsenal. In these first units, you will be introduced to the scientific programming environment, as well as the key concepts of both programming and statistical analysis.

Getting Started

Local Setup and Development Environment

Python Programming & Computer Science

Types, Flow Control, Data Structures, Functions, OOP and Time Complexity

SciPy Stack

NumPy, pandas and matplotlib


Statistics & Probability, Calculus and Linear Algebra


  • 40-100 hours
  • Exposure to fundamentals
  • Weekly office hours
  • Slack student community
  • Project feedback

Featured Projects

Program Tuition: $6,000


10 - 60+ hours

per week

4 - 12 months

your pace

36 mentor sessions

your schedule

Comparison of Data Science Programs

  • By offering an online curriculum guided by industry mentors and teaching assistants, we are able to bring the tuition cost down dramatically.

  • Our students get lifetime access to our dynamic curriculum that updates and extends as the market evolves.

  • Most programs condense graduate coursework into a short period, however, we have built our curriculum from scratch. Few incoming students are coming directly from academia, so the traditional way of teaching data science and machine learning is not conducive for adult learners.

  • We offer a healthy mix of videos explaining theoretical concepts, applied Python walkthroughs, practical assignments and projects engineered from real business situations.

  • We believe you should be able to get a comprehensive education at an affordable price. In addition, you receive mentorship from practicing data scientists.

  • Instead of one final project, we expect students to complete two final projects. The first is a topic they are passionate about or a business problem they have observed. The second is with an early-stage technology startup. We are the only program where all students graduate with real work experience under their belt.

  • Work with an expert data scientist mentor
  • Collaborate with a community of peers
  • Design end-to-end machine learning projects
  • Network with alumni