Our Student Body

The Cream of the Crop

All our students have exceptional academic backgrounds, top-notch work experience in competitive careers and an insatiable desire to crunch data. If you are interested in hiring one of them, please email us or reach out to them directly.



Albert Jose

Chief Business Officer

Michael Nemke

Data Science Consultant

Daniel Cardella

Portfolio Manager

William Ryan

Academic Research


Ravindra Akarapu

Senior Process Modeling Scientist

Adrienn Juhasz

Quantitative Analyst

Alessandro Di Antonio

BI Consultant

Joe Plonsker

Technical Solutions Associate

Current Students

Chester Fung

Computer Engineer

Kevin Chow

Research Analyst

Sruthi Namburi

Software Engineer

Yuliya Zhukova

Data Engineer

Timothy James Helton

R&D Engineer

Fidel Cuevas

Senior Analyst

Christopher McLaughlin

Project Engineer

Jonathan Gamble

Product Manager

Ryan Sulapas

I&C Engineer

Jyothsna Viswanadha

Mathematics Professor

Kathryn Klarich

Environmental Engineer

Courtney Wilkins

Computational Immunologist

James Cassidy

Sales Trader

Ross Blanchard

Senior Research Associate

David Mahler

Software Engineering Analyst

Tomas Espina

Regional B2B Manager

Ignacio Vilaplana

Regional Team Leader

Ifu Aniemeka

Software Engineer

Nick Michniok

Finance & Analytics Manger