Become a Data Analyst.

Learn how to clean, analyze, and tell engaging stories with Excel, SQL, and Tableau.


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Program Overview


Data Exploration

Familiarize yourself with datasets and ask questions that help you understand your data better.


Data Extraction & Cleaning

Extract data using custom SQL commands and clean your retrieved data using common data cleaning techniques.


Data Analysis

Use descriptive statistics and Microsoft Excel to manipulate your data and find valuable insights that will help your company.


Data Visualization & Communication

Tell a compelling story with your finding through Tableau’s visual dashboards, charts, and reports.

Program Structure

Remote Learning

Learn Anytime

You will have the freedom of learning beyond the restrictions of a classroom. Choose your own pace and decide when you enjoy learning best. We are expanding the in-person bootcamp experience to everyone around the world.


1-on-1 Mentorship

In other data analysis bootcamps you can expect a student-teacher ratio of 1-to-10 at best. Here you can expect an expert-based 1-on-1 learning experience. K2 only hires practicing industry professionals to serve as mentors for our students. Our mentors are on a mission to help you become a phenomenal data analyst, as well as, help you tackle the competitive job market.

Career Prospects

Job-Ready Portfolio

We have collaborated with Senior Data Analyst from leading analytics companies to develop our curriculum. The final projects you build will help you create an amazing portfolio to showcase your newfound skills and experience. You will even have the opportunity to work with an early stage startup on a real-life project if you desire.

Bootcamp Curriculum

With our advanced curriculum and project-based structure, students get to learn today’s cutting edge data analysis techniques and technologies.

The Data Analytics foundations program will give you the technical background needed to make informed decisions to help businesses in any industry. Learn advanced data mining techniques using statistics and tools like Microsoft Excel, SQL, and Tableau immersing yourself in the world of data analytics and visualization.


Build the foundation needed for data analysis as you learn basic data cleaning techniques using simple Excel functions. Then, brush up on your math by diving into traditional statistics & probability, descriptive, inferential, and predictive analysis.

Phase 1 Foundations Program

Excel Fundamentals

Learn how to navigate through the vast sea of Excel functions as a data analyst to efficiently clean and analyze your datasets.


Apply the fundamental concepts of statistics to find valuable insight using the descriptive analysis method.

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40 hours

per week

8 weeks

26 mentor sessions
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20 hours

per week

16 weeks

26 mentor sessions
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12 hours

per week

26 weeks

26 mentor sessions
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Price: $1,600

Can I pay over time?

Yes--you can pay for the Data Analysis Bootcamp in 3 installments. If you opt for the payment plan, your total course price will be $2,000.

What if I don't like it?

If you’re unsatisfied with the program within the first 2 weeks, you can cancel for a full refund. If you decide to cancel later on, you'll recieve a prorated refund.

  • Collaborate with a community of peers
  • Learn how to make informed business decisions
  • Create dashboards that tell compelling stories
  • Design data analytics projects that impress

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