Our Story

Filling The Demand In Tech

K2 Labs started the first online, immersive data science program in the world. We aim to educate working professionals through high quality instruction and individualized mentorship.

Our goal is to eliminate the need to leave your job and attend costly graduate programs. We want to provide an affordable and accessible education for everyone.

Data science is more than just a highly sought-after workplace skill. Data science is a rewarding endeavor, an intellectual challenge, and a means of becoming a more rational, more productive thinker. It is a skill that everyone in the digital age should possess, regardless of profession or background.


Meet our Team

Colleen Spiegel

Head of Curriculum Development

Benjamin Bertincourt

Data Mining Curriculum Advisor

Nelson Colon

Applied Projects Curriculum Advisor

Gabriel Cypriano

Teaching Assistant

Shafiq Marediya

Program Manager

Ty Shaikh

Program Manager